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Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.36.32 PMWAS READING a new post on one of my favorite blogs and I had to laugh at the synergy between the subject matter and some of my own recent thinking. It all has to do with the rising use of video as a marketing tool.

The author, Dean Rodgers over at KoiFish Communications, points out that videos can make people feel happy. An innocuous enough statement but don’t discount the implications. Thanks in large part to the growing importance of social media as a communications tool, marketing and public relations can be as much about entertainment and making customers “feel happy” as it does anything else.

Social network sites such as YouTube and MySpace represent a goldmine of potential new customers…if your PR pro knows how to reach them. You can’t expect to reach much of an audience on FaceBook, for instance, if you offer little more than dry product information. A YouTube video that is little more than a rebroadcast of your television commercial is also destined to fail. But if you put product information into a context of entertainment and fun the results can be spectacular.

And if you think you need an interesting product to create compelling entertainment content, consider Blendtec®.

What can be more boring than a kitchen blender? That’s what the folks at Blendtec pondered. Then one of the Blendtec employees decided to post a video of a Blendtec blender going to work on a piece of two-by-four. Then a bag of marbles, a bottled beverage, a new iPhone…etc. etc.

Overnight, the YouTube videos became a huge hit. A couple of years later, the “Will It Blend?” videos continue to garner thousands of hits each month.

The brilliance of this social media campaign is that the videos offer fun AND valuable branding influence. Putting wood and marbles into a blender is not only fun to watch, but it demonstrates the unparalleled strength and durability of the blender – dead-on market positioning for Blendtec.

In the Blendtec example, an entertainment element was added to an existing product. In some cases, the product itself is created with a social media element in mind.

My latest favorite example of this can be found on In this case, the founders of Playing For Change had a message they wanted people to ponder: music has the power to unite people regardless of their culture, experiences, geographic location, or political views. With social media in mind, Playing For Change created an experience that not only communicated this message, but provided examples that allows viewers to actually experience the reality of this premise for themselves.

Stay tuned for more examples of great social media campaigns – some created by Brenner Associates Public Relations; some by others. We would also love to hear from you if you have favorites that you’d like to share.

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