Grounded in Marketing

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.03.31 PMYou wouldn’t hire a tire repairman to make your car run better would you? For the same reason, be careful when hiring someone to help you with your marketing program.

The Internet has changed the face of marketing forever, providing new ways to reach new customers and build brand loyalty. Along with these new marketing tools have come a host of new “experts” ready to help. There are website developers that want to create your company website, SEO experts that want to help you get found on Google, SEM pros that want to manage your pay-per-click strategy, and on and on. Unfortunately, this splintered approach to marketing is not only harmful to your results but can be disastrous to your marketing budget as well.

There are two main problems with this splintered approach to marketing. First, it almost always dilutes the power of your marketing efforts. Secondly, it usually puts marketing neophytes into key marketing positions – not good when you’re looking for a measurable return on your investment.

Successful marketing campaigns are usually fought on several fronts at the same time. Perhaps you’re launching a print advertising campaign along with a pay-per-click strategy along with SEO efforts and a new website. Coordinating the messages, themes and objectives of these individual efforts is paramount to maximizing the campaign’s overall effectiveness. By hiring various niche professionals to implement individual components of your marketing campaign you almost certainly risk jeopardizing the impact that an integrated marketing campaign provides. Less Results; more cost.

More importantly, like a tire repair guy, a niche expert may not have the expertise to see the bigger picture. He may possess technical expertise in his niche area but chances are, he doesn’t have the skills to map to your marketing objectives and he probably doesn’t even have a marketing background at all. I can’t tell you how many times my agency has been brought in to fix an ineffective program implemented by one of these niche experts; a web developer that used his technical expertise to make a great looking website with rotating images and flying logos – but a site that didn’t generate leads or draw in new customers; Or an SEO expert that crossed all the technical “T”s and dotted all the technical “I”s but scored a zero in marketing value. What good is getting on the first page of Google results if the link message isn’t compelling enough to get someone to click it?

Bottom line, marketing results still require marketing expertise. New tools such as websites, blogs, social network sites, SEO and pay-per-click are simply tools. It requires marketing expertise and an integrated approach to their implementation to make them effective. You can hire a tire guy to fix a leaky tire but if you want your car to run better, get a professional mechanic.


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